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Fried Nuts – A low carb breakfast with no bacon OR eggs!


I love bacon. And eggs. I want to make this, very, very clear. I’m still not bored of them, despite two years of very bacon and egg heavy meals. But everyone likes a change now and again, right?

I’ve had a few friends interested in low carb diets be put off because they’re not sure what to eat for breakfast. Breakfast should be easy; we usually make it in a rush, after all. In summer, I often make a really tasty mixture of nuts, seeds and dessicated coconut which I’ll eat with almond milk or full fat Greek yoghurt, but it’s freezing at this time of year, and I really wanted something warm.

Enter, my new favourite speedy breakfast; fried nuts.

They’re warm. They’re filling. They’re insanely tasty and flavourful, and so easy to adapt to what you have in your cupboards, and what flavours you enjoy! I’ve mainly been eating them with a little bit of sugar free maple syrup, but I put some salt and chilli powder in with them once, and that tasted great!

And another great thing? They’re super low carb. This recipe only has 1.6g of carbs! Combined with the healthy fats and the other great health benefits of nuts, this is a great way to start the day 🙂

What flavours have you added to this? What nuts are your favourite to fry?


25g pecans

15g almonds, flaked

10g coconut flakes

14g/1tbsp butter

+ whatever flavour you like!


Heat up the butter in a frying pan on a medium heat. Add the nuts you’re using, then fry until they go darker and start smelling wonderful. It only takes a few minutes! Then voila, a perfect speedy breakfast 🙂


444 calories, 42.3g fat, 7.1g protein, 1.6g carbs*

Calories from fat: 92%, calories from protein: 7%, calories from carbs: 1%

*In England (Where I live!), fibre isn’t counted as a carbohydrate on food labels, so we don’t need to remove it from the carb content to figure out our net carbs. So my carbs=American net carbs.