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Chocolate and Sweeteners

Hotel Chocolat has released a new type of chocolate and it’s quite exciting. It’s called Supermilk, and the idea is that it’s made like regular milk chocolate, but with much less sugar; 20%, which puts it (approximately) at a lower sugar content than 70% dark chocolate, but higher than 85%. I like the taste of it, it was creamy and a nice change from dark chocolate.

I’ve also started to experiment with diabetic chocolate recently; I’ve had a few things from Boots’ range, and one thing from Thornton’s range. They both use maltitol as the sweetener. The net carbs in them are ridiculously low, because maltitol is a polyol. I haven’t tested my blood sugar after I’ve had them so I can’t comment on that, but I’ve had an upset stomach pretty much everytime. They taste pretty damn awesome though.

I have a huge sweet tooth, and thankfully I’ve always been able to tolerate quite a bit of dark chocolate without it effecting my weight. By “quite a bit” I mean “an obscene amount.” I won’t say how much. The internet would definitely judge me.

I’ve had mixed results with sweeteners to be honest; talking about which sweeteners to use seems to be the low carb equivalent of talking about politics. People get quite worked up about it. The consensus seems to be that Stevia and Erythritol are the best, but everyone reacts differently. I’ve always found them quite difficult to get hold of in the UK, and rely a lot on Splenda; a lot of people really dislike it, but it doesn’t effect my blood sugar much, so I think I’m very lucky in that regard. For me, I seem to be able to tolerate a variety of sweeteners and still stay in ketosis and lose weight, but they do give me very strong cravings for something sweet; most low carbers don’t crave sweet things much at all, I do constantly!

Can you tolerate sweeteners and still lose weight?