About Me


My name is Victoria. I’m 26 and I live in Manchester, England with my two tortoises, Lucy and Lily. I’m hoping mentioning my pets will make me sound like a warm, friendly individual you’ll take food advice from, rather than the scowling loner I actually am.

I’m a little nerdy and love watching sci-fi and reading fantasy. Penguins and balloons make me happy, but not in a weird way. If you truly can’t get enough of me (Which I totally get, by the way, I’m an unusually excellent individual), I have another blog where I write about non-food things.

I’ve lost and kept off over 4 stone over the last few years through eating a low carb diet. I feel a lot more confident in how I look, I learned how to cook and found out I absolutely love doing it and my mental and physical health have improved enormously.

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