Low Carb Hot Chocolate

Yummy hot chocolate

I really dislike being cold. I’ve been told by my other half (or “the guinea pig” as I affectinately call him when I’m doing a cooking experiment) that I keep my flat warmer than the average nursing home. I see nothing wrong with this.

Anyway, I like hot drinks. And there’s little in the world more comforting than hot chocolate.

This is a super basic recipe, I feel a little patronising writing it down. Normally I quite enjoy being patronising, because I’m a bitch like that, but I feel somewhat guilty about it today! I guess more information is better than less though?!


  • 1 mug full of milk/cream. This is entirely your preference; I usually use an 80/20 mix of milk/cream, and I tend to use whatever I have in the fridge at the time. Which is usually either lactose free whole milk or almond milk, combined with either single or double cream. As always, avoid skimmed milk; it contains more sugar, and there’s absolutely no reason to fear the extra fat in whole milk. Hence why I mix it with cream in the first place. Fat is good for you. If it wasn’t so expensive, I’d happily make the thing entirely with cream. It goes without saying, but if you use almond milk, the finished result tastes  almondy. Which I like, but isn’t everyone’s thing.
  • 3tbsp cocoa powder. Not hot chocolate mix (Filled with sugar), proper cocoa powder. It’s very bitter. I use Green & Blacks Organic Cocoa Powder, which is only 12.5% carbs.
  • Splenda, to taste. I use around 2tbsp
  • Unsweetened squirty cream, to serve. (Optional) Be careful with squirty cream; most of it is filled with sugar. I use UHT Extra Thick, which is effectively just whipped cream in a can. If I have any cocoa nibs in the cupboard, I’ll sprinkle those on top too.


After you’ve measured out your milk/cream mixture in the mug you’ll be enjoying your hot beverage in later, pour into a milk pan and put it on a low heat.

Put it your cocoa powder and sweetener, and stir. It’s important to put it in while the liquid is still cold, otherwise the cocoa powder clumps like mad. If I’m doing other things, I’ll leave it soaking for a while before I even heat it. I tend to stir it until most or all of the cocoa clumps have dissolved, then I’ll turn it up to a medium heat.

I was a Messy Bessie and splashed stuff on the hob.

I was a Messy Bessie and splashed stuff on the hob.

Try some; add more cocoa powder or sweetener to taste.

Serve with squirty cream :o)


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